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My drawings rely heavily on intuition manifested through non-representational imagery.  The only choices I consciously begin with are materials and size.  From there, I allow my mood, emotions, and energy to guide me through a process of visual and physical reaction. There is a constant back and forth between intention and instinct.  Everything on the page is a response to something else.  For example, I may feel a burst of energy and make a big expressive gestural mark.  Or, I may make the most inconspicuous mark with great intention as it is what's needed for the piece at that time.  In this way, I try to maintain authenticity of thought and creative expression as well as adhere to elements of formalism.  This authenticity is also symbolized in the use of charcoal.  For me, charcoal represents purity as it is an ancient material and one of the first substances used to make marks, ie, draw.  While drawing with charcoal, I feel a strong connection to our ancient heritage and ancestral past.  The use of masking tape represents permanence and impermanence and reflects the duality of the human experience.   Similarly, I treat erasers as drawing implements.  I use erasers to add marks, not just take away what I don't want.  This can be by removing material from the drawing surface, or as the eraser gets "dirty," I can add dark marks back to the paper with the eraser.  


















Similar to my drawings, my paintings are imbued with gestural marking making, intentionally and intuitively.  I use big, aggressive motions as well as more subtle and nuanced techniques.  Counter to what you might think, I find beginning a painting easy.  I usually start with an underpainting of one color (or multiple variations of a color) to get rid of the white of the canvas.  From there I use my instincts and knowledge to develop the piece. 

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